We strive to understand the chemistry of your organization; expectations people have of this new person; and gather input on the competencies, strengths, and the style necessary to enable this individual and your firm to be successful. This is accomplished by on-site interviews with the hiring manager, HR and other stakeholders who could be impacted by the individual selected.

Search Strategy

Develop, with you, a position description used in marketing the opportunity.

Developing the “perfect candidate profile” with you, we identify both the immediate and long-term strategic goals and challenges for the person sought.

We will identify potential candidates through several existing and developed sources. We utilize our extensive and constantly refreshed database of corporate leaders and high-potential candidates.

We promote the opportunity to prospective candidates; experts and industry observers familiar with the discipline/industry for which we are recruiting.

Screening Candidates

With discretion and sensitivity strong potential candidates are approached and recruited. We scrutinize their backgrounds for fit, technical skills, goal congruence and other critical elements. Candidates provide written responses to a variety of questions, answers to which enable us to “drill in” to better understand the candidates’ perspectives and comprehension of the business, leadership, and more. The completed and unedited questionnaire is submitted to you for presented candidates; enabling you, and others involved, a deeper insight and a “warm-start” to interviews of finalist candidates.

PresentatioNBest Candidates

You will receive the following information on each candidate:

  • Resume
  • In depth candidate evaluation, and comparison to other candidates and to the position description
  • Completed questionnaire
  • References
  • Degree and credential verification
  • Current and desired compensation

To the extent desired we assist you, the client, in structuring and conducting candidate interviews.


We work with you in providing counsel on a candidate's expectations for compensation and other items relevant to their accepting an offer. We are available to facilitate extending and, if necessary, negotiating an offer.

Our fixed fee, which is set at the outset of the search, assures no conflict of interest in conducting this vital role.

Our search activity extends beyond the start date of the chosen candidate; as we continue communicating with you/the hiring manager and them about the smoothness of their “on boarding”.

On every search our goal is to improve the careers and lives of both our client and the candidates involved in the process. Contact us to discuss your needs.